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Ceramics for Smart Systems Group

Papers 2020

E. de Lucas-Gil J. Menéndez, L. Pascual, J. F. Fernandez, F. Rubio-Marcos. The Benefits of the ZnO/Clay Composite Formation as a Promising Antifungal Coating for Paint Applications. Applied Sciences (2020) 10(4):1322.


C. M. Alvarez-Docio, R. Portela, J.J. Reinosa, F Rubio-Marcos, C. Granados-Miralles, L. Pascual, J.F. Fernandez. Pt-free CoAl2O4 catalyst for soot combustion with NOx/O-2. Applied Cat. A (2020) 591, 117404.


R. E. Rojas-Hernandez, F. Rubio-Marcos, A. Serrano, I. Hussainova, J. F. Fernandez. Boosting phosphorescence efficiency by crystal anisotropy in SrAl2O4:Eu,Dy textured ceramic layers. J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. 40 (2020)1677-1683.


E. Enríquez, C. Berges, V. Fuertes, A. Gallego, J. A. Naranjo, G. Herranz, J. F. Fernandez. Ceramic Injection Moulding of engineered glass-ceramics: Boosting the rare-earth free photoluminescence. Ceram. Int. (2020), 46,7,9334-9341.


C. Granados-Miralles, A. Quesada, M. Saura-Muzquiz, H. L. Andersen, J. F.  Fernandez, M. Christensen. Expanding the tunability and applicability of exchange-coupled/decoupled magnetic nanocomposites. Mat. Chem. Frontiers (2020) 4,4,1222-1230.


C. M. Alvarez-Docio, R. Portela, J.J. Reinosa, F. Rubio-Marcos, J. F. Fernandez. Pt mechanical dispersion on non-porous alumina for soot oxidation. Cat. Comm. (2020) 140,105999.


J. C. Guzman-Minguez, S. Ruiz-Gomez, L. M. Vicente-Arche, C. Granados-Miralles, C. Fernandez-Gonzalez, F. Mompean, M. Garcia-Hernandez, S. Erohkin, D. Berkov, D.  Mishra, C. D. Fernandez, J. F. Fernandez, L. Perez, A. Quesada. FeCo Nanowire-Strontium Ferrite Powder Composites for Permanent Magnets with High-Energy Products. ACS Applied Nano Mater. (2020) 3,10,9842-9851.


M. S. G. Alonso, F. Giacomone, A. Perez, I. Kaiser, J. F. Fernandez, A. Hernando, J. Vinolas, M. A. Garcia. Magnetostatic determination of variations of internal stress in magnetic steels. AIP Adv. (2020) 10,11, 115302.


A. Serrano, O. Caballero-Calero, M. A. Garcia, S. Lazic, N. Carmona, G. R. Castro, M. Martin-Gonzalez, J. F.Fernandez. Cold sintering process of ZnO ceramics: Effect of the nanoparticle/microparticle ratio. J. Eur. Ceram. Soc.(2020) 40,15, 5535-5542.


V. Fuertes, C. Berges, A. Gallego, E. Enriquez, G. Herranz, J. F. Fernandez. Tailoring dielectric properties of cordierite-mullite ceramics through Ceramic Injection Moulding. Mater. Sci. Eng. B-Adv. Functional Solid-State Mater.(2020) 262, 114783.


A. Moure, S. Román-Sánchez, A. Serrano, I. Lorite, J. F. Fernández. In situ thermal runaway of Si-based press-fit diodes monitored by infrared thermography. Results in Physics, (2020) 19,103529.


C. M. Álvarez-Docio, R. Portela, J. J. Reinosa, F. Rubio Marcos, L. Pascual, J. F. Fernández. Performance and Stability of Wet-Milled CoAl2O4,Ni/CoAl2O4, and Pt,Ni/CoAl2O4 for Soot Combustion. Catalysts (2020) 10(4), 406.  


Ruiz-Gomez, S., Mandziak, A., Prieto, J.E., Aristu, M., Trapero, E.M., Soria, G.D., Quesada, A., Foerster, M., Aballe, L., de la Figuera, J. A real-time XAS PEEM study of the growth of cobalt iron oxide on Ru(0001). Journal of Chemical Physics  (2020) 152, 074704.


Soria, G.D., Marco, J.F., Mandziak, A., Sanchez-Cortes, S., Sanchez-Arenillas, M., Prieto, J.E., Davalos, J., Foerster, M., Aballe, L., Lopez-Sanchez, J., Guzman-Minguez, J.C., Granados-Miralles, C., de la Figuera, J., Quesada, A., 2020. Influence of the growth conditions on the magnetism of SrFe(12)O(19)thin films and the behavior of Co/SrFe(12)O(19)bilayers. Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics (2020), 53, 344002.


J.C. Guzmán, L.M. Vicente-Arche, C. Granados-Miralles, J. López-Sánchez, P. Marín, J.F. Fernández, A. Quesada, Boosting the coercivity of SrFe12O19 nanocrystalline powders obtained using the citrate combustion synthesis method. Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics (2020), 54, 014002.


J.C. Guzmán, L.M. Vicente-Arche, C. Granados-Miralles, J.F. Fernández, A. Quesada. Improvement of the magnetic properties of SrFe12O19 ceramics by tailored sintering with SiO2 addition. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2020, 157890.


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E. Castellini, D. Malferrari, F. Bernini, B. Bighi, A. Mucci, I.C. Sainz Diaz, A. Serrano, G.R. Castro, M. Fraga Brigatti, M. Borsani. A new material based on montmorillonite and Cu(II)-phenanthroline complex for effective capture of ammonia from gas phase. Applied Clay Science. (2020) 184, 105386.


P.G. Birame Gueye, J. López Sánchez, E. Navarro, A. Serrano, P. Marin. Control of the Length of Fe73.5Si13.5Nb3Cu1B9 Microwires to Be Used for Magnetic and Microwave Absorbing Purposes. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. (2020) 12, 13, 15644-15656.


E. Castellini, F. Bernini, L. Sebastianelli, I.C. Sainz Diaz, A. Serrano, G.R. Castro, D. Malferrari, M. Fraga Brigatti, M Borsani. Interlayer-confined Cu(II) complex as an efficient and long-lasting catalyst for oxidation of H2S on montmorillonite. Minerals. (2020) 10, 6, 510.


J. López Sánchez, E. Navarro, A. Serrano, C. Granados Miralles, A. del Campo, A. Quesada, P. Marin. Ultrafast Particle Size Reduction of Fe73.9Si15.5Cu1Nb3B6.6 by High-Energy Milling: Nb2O5 as a Marker of Permeability Enhancement and Magnetic Hardening. ACS Applied Electronic Materials. (2020) 2, 5, 1484-1496.


E. Castellini, D. Malferrari, F. Bernini, B. Bighi, A. Mucci, I.C. Sainz Diaz, A. Serrano, G.R. Castro, M. Fraga Brigatti, M Borsani. Tuning of halobenzenes uptake in montmorillonite from gas phase through a functionalization process involving Cu(II)-phenanthroline and heptanethiol. Applied Clay Science. (2020) 192, 105642.


G. Gorni, A. Serrano, D. Bravo, G.R. Castro, R. Balda, J. Fernández, A. Durán, M.J. Pascual. Effect of dopant precursors on the optical properties ofrare‐earths doped oxyfluoride glass‐ceramics. Journal of the American Ceramic Society. (2020) 103, 7, 3930-3941.


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J. López-Sánchez, E. Navarro, F. Rodriguez-Granado, A. Serrano, P. Marin. Multiphase materials based on the Fe73.9Si15.5Cu1Nb3B6.6 alloy obtained by dry and wet high-energy ball milling processes Journal of Alloys and Compounds. (2020) 158136.


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