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Ceramics for Smart Systems Group

Processing and preparation

- Sol-gel facilities.

- Automated tritator-conductimetry analysis with 726 DMS Tritino and 712 Conductometer.

- Furnaces at different temperatures (up to 1800ºC) and atmospheres.

- Rapid Thermal annealing furnace (up to 1000ºC).

- Microwave Sintering Multilab 2.4.

- Dispersion techniques:

- IKA Ultra-turrax T50, T25 and LabPilot.

- Dispex DVS-SG-1 Lleal.

- Three roll mill EXAKT.

- High-G dispersion chamber RESODYN.

- Mixer1000.

- MICROPUR Milling station Netzsch.

- Automatic microcuting station Isomet 5000.

- Clean Room (class 10.000).

- Laminating press, Screen Printing and tape casting.

- Sputtering chamber (Home made).

- Turbiscan.

- High pressure syringe.

- Planetary mill Fritsch Pulverisette 6 model.