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Ceramics for Smart Systems Group

New materials and functionalities

The aim of this line is to face a quality fundamental research to effectively afford the design of new materials. First goal is to find by design of the structure and microstructure of new advanced materials. Second goal is to address new functionalities based on the nanostructure scale of nanomaterials. To afford such objectives new processing routes in combination with the understanding of the functional properties of nanomaterials will be pursuit in this line.

Low dimensional nanostructures


LDN Proximity  

Lead free piezoceramics

The new lead free ceramics based piezoceramics on the system (K, Na) NbO3-modified system, shown a complex domain nanostructure in which the role of the different phase symmetries contributed to the piezoelectric properties are addressed by Raman Confocal Microscopy. This class of materials is prepared from nanopowders and could replace environmental un-friendly PZT piezoceramics. New applications based on energy harvesting are ongoing research activities of the group.




LFP Advanced Processing


Nanostructured magnetic materials

We are interested in the study of how interfacial couplings influence the magnetic performance of nanostructured materials. This research line is divided in two main topics. On one hand, we are pursuing the improvement of ferrite-based permanent magnets by fabricating nanostructured composites. On the other, we investigate means to control and tailor magnetic properties in the absence of magnetic fields, for instance by strain. We study hybrid systems, in various forms: thin- and ultrathin films, bulk powders and ceramics. 


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