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Ceramics for Smart Systems Group

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Dr. Fernando Rubio Marcos

Scientific Researcher

Fernando Rubio Marcos received his B. S. degree in applied chemistry in 2004 and Ph.D applied chemistry in 2009 with Professor José Francisco Fernández Lozano, all of them from Universidad Autonóma de Madrid (Spain). During his thesis, he worked on the synthesis of the lead-free piezoceramics materials and their correlation between the structure and the piezoelectric properties. On 2009 he moved to the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), to investigate on nanomaterials with novel and useful catalytic and optical properties of semiconductors. On 2010, he joint to laboratory of Science of Ceramic Processes and Surface Treatments (SPCTS) in Limoges University (France) within the group of Dr. Pascal Marchet,as hired postdoctoral, where he worked on piezoelectric and ferroelectric compounds particularly for the relationships between crystal-structure and properties. His work encompasses the synthesis, structure and properties of lead-free piezoceramics materials and the design and construction of new nanomaterials with novel and useful catalytic applications. He is exploring new approaches to understand the structure-catalytic relationships of oxide materials at a molecular scale. His work has essentially concentrated on detailed Raman analyses of catalysts obtained by the dry - nanodispersion process. His systematic work has influenced on the advancement of several research areas, including novel lead-free piezoelectric ceramics, and hierarchical nano-micro-structured catalyst. He has published over 60 articles which have received more than 671 citations in 6 years, for a corrected h-index of 16, averaging 117 citations per years (in last 5 years).