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Ceramics for Smart Systems Group

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Dr. Cecilia Granados-Miralles

Postdoc Researcher

Cecilia Granados-Miralles (Spain, 1988) holds a Chemistry degree from the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain and Master of Science in Chemistry from Aarhus University, Denmark. She received her PhD degree in Nanoscience in June 2017, after working under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Mogens Christensen at the Center for Materials Crystallography at Aarhus University. She is currently as postdoctoral researcher at Instituto de CerĂ¡mica y Vidrio (CSIC). Her research focuses on improving the magnetic properties of rare-earth-free permanent magnets in the framework of the European projects NANOPYME (FP7) and AMPHIBIAN (Horizon 2020). She is highly trained in the field of powder diffraction using both X-rays and neutrons as radiation (PXRD, NPD) and has performed numerous experiments at large-scale research facilities (ESRF, Petra-III@DESY, MAX-lab, SINQ@PSI, ALBA). In particular, she has a wide experience using diffraction to conduct in situ investigations of different scientific cases, e.g., hydrothermal synthesis of nanoparticles, compaction of anisotropic particles, magnetic structure determination, thermal treatment of nanoparticles under different gas atmospheres. She is familiar with magnetic properties measurement using a vibrating sample magnetometry (VSM). She has also been involved in in situ experiments using spin-polarized Low-Energy Electron Microscopy (LEEM), X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism (XMCD) and Photo-Emission Electron Microscopy (PEEM). She has co-authored 20 contributions in conferences (12 international conferences) and 8 ISI-recorded publications, which have gathered 26 citations to date, yielding an h-index of 3.